BAMA – The Shangri-La of Longevity


‪中文(简体)‬: 漓江山水
‪中文(简体)‬: 漓江山水 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Longevity is Healthy Wealth

In the Longevity Village of BAMA, China . . .you can find 580 villagers aged 90 years-old and above, while the oldest Loo Mao Sheng (born 1885) is 126 years old in 2015, though difficult to verify as birth certificate didn’t come about till 1949.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 5.29.26 amLoo Mao Sheng (Born 1885) Unofficially oldest living person in the world\

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There are 5 such villages all inhabited by the Yao minority community who numbered some 250,000 of which 70 are over 100 years old & 200 in the 90s category. This is undoubtedly the highest per capita concentration of the world’s long life people.

BAMA was honoured in 1991 as “the town of long life”.

In the massive land of southwest China, there’s this land of mystery, with heavenly scenery rarely known by people. Here, among every generation there lives a group of people; the elderly over 90 are still enjoying their time doing farming and taking care of their families; over 90 randomly been seen at leisure in home; almost one hundred people have reached or exceeded 100 and are still in good physical and mental health. In terms of historic documents, the oldest native was 142 years old. Since the foundation of the new China, the longest one lived there was 131 years.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 4.32.08 am

Recommended: Simple diet of vegetables, corn & potatoes; infrequient sex as too much sex is detrimental to health & longevity, plenty of fresh air & sunshine, toil & sweat (no age limit). As I always maintain:

Hard work will not a person kill

But sheer laziness will.

This very place is Bama Yao Ethnic Autonomous Country in the northwest mountainous region of Guangxi. In 1991 Bama was honoured “the town of long life” by the Academy of International Natural Medicine. It ranks sixth after:

The data took from the second national census to the fifth shows the number of aged people increased constantly. For the fifth census in 2000, Bama’s population of people over 100 was 74. Based on the overall population 200 of Bama County, the proportion is 3.1/10.000. The number of people around 90-99 was 456 with a proportion of 19.09/10.000. Bama’s proportion of people over 100 is the highest in the five long life regions. Why are there so many senior aged people? Is there any hidden secret? Great attention has been aroused to Bama’s long life phenomenon in the whole world.

English: A Longji terrace in Longsheng county,...
English: A Longji terrace in Longsheng county, Guilin, China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is it the air or clean green environment?

Perhaps it’s their hard work in the open field.

Or it’s the organic spring water that they drink.

It could very well be in their genes.

Could you ensure your own longevity just by living there?

This must be the ultimate Shangri-La!

Updated in 15 & 16 August 2015


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