Australian Road-Trains

The Australian Road-Trains are the

longest trucks in the world.

They have 3 or more trailers and are 53

metres long,

(174 feet) hauling 115 metric tons (253,531 pounds).

Keep an eye open for the super

Road-Train it has 7 trailers and hauls 190 metric tonnes.

                                             Tennant Bar. jpg

The drivers are tough & great drinkers, as traditional are.

 The Amhem Highway traffic is expected to greatly increase with road trains . . .

This is a recent account regarding the cattle trains at Helen Springs Station.

Photos are of the trucks loading cattle.

Road-trains loading cattle at Helen Springs Station, north of Tennant Creek NT.

There are interesting statistics:

· There are 17 trucks with 3 trailers and 2 decks per trailer;

· Therefore there are 102 decks of cattle and there would be approximately

   28 cattle per deck;

· This totals 2,856 head of cattle

· The cattle will weigh approximately 500kg

· The sale price for cattle at Longreach is approx. 165c/kg

· Each animal will therefore be sold at $825.

· Total revenue from this analysis is $2,356,200

Other interesting facts:

* Each trailer has 24 tyres plus a dolly with 8 tyres

* Each vehicle therefore has 62 tyres (not including spares)

* For the 72 trucks there are 4,464 tyres on the road.

Do you love a sunburnt country?

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Now that’s a Road -Train…!


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