Antilia: World’s Most Expensive And Opulent Skyscraper Home

 You would expect such a home to belong to Warren Buffet or Bill GatesBut surprisingly, it belongs to the world’s fourth richest man, Mukesh Ambani, who is living it up better than those great Maharajahs of India in the days gone by.

Antilia is named after the mythical island in the Atlantic.

The construction is inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon .

Ambani & wife

Located in Mumbai, the most expensive home in the world is owned (fittingly) by the richest man in India: Mukesh Ambani, age 53. He lives in the $1 billion skyscraper mansion with his wife, three children and 600 servants. The building took nearly three years to complete. It seems somewhat ironic that the world’s largest and most expensive house has been constructed within a country estimated to have one-third of the world’s poorest population.

The entire structure is 27 stories (568 feet high), with a total area of over 398,000 square feet of living space (that’s more space than at the Palace of Versailles) . Although to be fair , the first 6 floors are a 160- car garage.

The amenities are as extravagant as they are endless, but what would you expect from the fourth richest human on the planet? The most expensive house in the world has a private gym, ballroom, 50-seat movie theater, a variety of lounges, health spa, several swimming pools, and 3 helicopter pads. The house also features small trees in the residence in an elevated garden with high ceilings. It’s said to be the greenest of all buildings. It’s built entirely of glass.

Besides three helicopter pads on the roof, there’s a car park for 160 vehicles on the ground floor to accommodate his 168 imported cars!

Antilla, has consumed electricity worth Rs.70,69,488 (AUD$146,000) in the one month since Mukesh Ambani moved in with wife Nita and their three children. It is the Mumbai’s highest residential electricity bill generated to date.


Special interior features:

  • Each floor are designed with various materials so as to bring a different look.

  • Lounges, fine rugs, chandeliers and mirrors can be seen in any room.

  • The most striking features of the Antilla is probably the ballroom which has crystal chandeliers that take up approximately 80% of the ceiling.

  • It has silver stairways that lead to a central landing, behind which two retractable doors can open to display works of art. There is also a stage for entertainment or speeches, with a projection screen behind it.

  • A kitchen, about the same size as the ballroom itself, can service hundreds of guests, an Olympic-size swimming pool and a four-storey open garden.

  • Other floors have gyms and glass-fronted apartments for guests.

  • The two floors above the family’s residence have been set aside as maintenance areas and for an “air space floor” capable of accommodating three helicopters.

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