The Choice Is Yours!

By P Chong                                                                             Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The elevator to the top is out of order

‘No short-cut” shout one caller

“You will have to use the stairs!”

Everyone present just stood and stared.

On step at a time

You need to climb

The higher you want to pursue

Greater diligence must ensue.

Go the extra mile

Try always to smile

Even when the going is tough

You must never crouch.

Originally penned: Monday, 14 November 1994 @ 6.00 am


3 thoughts on “The Choice Is Yours!

  1. Dolly

    I have not read your blog for sometime, too stress out sometimes. Laughter indeed is the best medicine. But that I wish it could be done alone everyday & not feeling like an “idiot”. I was walking down the many steps near my area and I took a picture of it on my cellphone this morning. And what a coincidence that I was reading your blog “The Choice is Yours”. My thought was walking up the steps. In life as we walk each step at a time. We are always in a hurry each day either rushing to reach home or to work. But I am the lucky few. Today I have no choice because that’s the only bridge with steps to get one to the other side of the road. Therefore if one gets a chance to choose, you are considered very blessed.

  2. Paul

    Hi Dolly,
    I like your comments – so well related to your own self. I guess you found it meaningful to be
    putting in so much of your thought. Glad to have struck the cord in your heart!

  3. Mariya Stephen

    Hi Paul I like this page “The Choice Is Yours’. Yes, you are right. In this world everybody is looking for short cut to wealth but as you and I know that isn’t the way. We all have to work hard to get to our goal. Everybody expects an easy life handed down from parents. So no one wants to work but want to enjoy life; so when something happen to them like the lift broke down they just don’t know what to do,they are lost. All they do is to look at the circumstances and give up. Gone are the days when people live the hard life and nothing is impossible with them. All things are possible because they are willing to work hard and built their life one step at a time. So in this new generation they don’t even know or experience life the hard way. Everything is within reach so when life get harder they cannot make the choice. Most of our new generation are going down hill very quickly and that is why we are faced with many trouble makers, drugs and suicides amongst them. So this life is what we are facing nowadays.

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