Considering Others Over And Above Self

By P Chong                    Thursday 31 December 2009

Self-centredness & gross individualism are undoubtedly two of the most grievous sins ever committed in our human relationship. We need others & to co-exist to create peace & harmony. The mind-set must be helping others to help ourselves.

Put God in your life for “Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil – it has no point.”

Forget Your Scar . . . Be A Star

. . . “I will not sacrifice to the Lord my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing.” ~ 2 Samuel 24:24

By the end of this day, a New Year will be born. Many will take pride upon looking back at the year 2009 while others will be filling their hearts with regrets & misgivings. Whatever the situation, today is the first day of the rest of your life. Undoubtedly, you will take steps to make resolutions that you will hopefully keep & attain. Policies are good but implementation is better & the way to go! Here’s a little something as “Food for Thought”.

Does it ever occur to you that the alphabet “I” is always spelt as a capital letter? All the other second or third person is only spelt in small letters e.g. we, you, he, she or they. Significantly, it goes to show the amount of importance that’s being attached to “I” and that importance denotes egoism, gross individualism and self-centredness.

 As a person, we tend to be selfish, caring more for self than others. We also tend to blame others than self. We can’t see our own faults or wouldn’t like to see. We place ourselves so high up on the pedestal that when we fall we fall hard. That’s when we’ll blame others even more with all kinds of self-justification, and rationalisation coming into play.

In any organisation, 20% are willing workers without personal motive or agenda, and 80% are onlookers, fence sitters and critics ever ready to complain and condemn. Genuinely, the 20% in reality are less than the stipulated figure. “What is it in it for me?” is the question that often come to mind. Can we ever be most willing to give to others without expecting anything in return? Jesus advocates serving others and to consider others more important than ourselves. Christians are expected to be Christ personified.

The above Biblical verse from 2 Samuel 24:24 shows David as a great giver, who understood the principle of giving. It ought to cost you something to be considered a sacrificial gift. Are you willing to sacrifice yourself not just in terms of money, but also time and effort, dedication, devotion and loyalty? Give of yourself as Jesus gave unto you. I like to stress that it’s not ability that God is looking for but your availability. Most importantly, it’s your attitude more than aptitude that will scale the altitude.


Do something

Expect nothing

Rewards are there

When you least care!

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2 thoughts on “Considering Others Over And Above Self

  1. martin chung

    This is amazing and a motivational aspect to remove old scars. Nature is so brilliant and we need to be reminded all the time. thanks

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