Desperate Time Calls For “Sexperate” Measure

Shared by Paul Chong      Saturday, 14 November 2009

If your business is suffering from poor sales in this economic downturn, you might try to employ this “Sexperate Sales Technique”!

A sports shop “Decathlon” in Germany, during their opening of the store made the following advertisement:

Get dressed for FREE,

from head to toe,

first come first serve.

Only condition:



The result speaks well for the fact that “Desperate Time Calls For “Sexperate” Measure!

See the pictures for yourself

No shortage of naked customers!




So, what about the question of human rights & pornography?


4 thoughts on “Desperate Time Calls For “Sexperate” Measure

  1. munchygut

    Is it just coincidence that the same young blond lady appears in all of the pictures? Maybe her agent is the photographer….

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