The Beauty of Colours

By Paul Chong


A Kaleidoscope of Colours

Colours are naturally positive

Nothing about colours is negative

How sad & dull it would be

In a world without any colours to see.

Behold the glorious sunset or rainbow

Behold the colourful flowers in rows

The rainbow attracts both young & old

Flowers delight the eyes, heart, mind & soul.

In art colours render their part

In films colours rapture our hearts

One colour alone cannot claim the glory

Different hue of colours magnify the story.

The world is never to be just black or white

Neither is sunlight of pure coloured light

It’s the mix and blend

That made all things grand.

Colour is not a personal or human reality, but has a political overtone attached. In dressing & art, white matches well with other colours, and whatever the mix & blend, the result is often grand. It seems a shame that politically it’s not workable. Instead of easy mixing & blending, we see ugliness, repulsion & all sorts of conflict.

A Good Mix of Colours

In the cinematography, black & white filming has long been out. Glorious technicolour is the result. There is beauty in a colour mix and the best qualities of each colour are often manifested. Qualitatively & quantitatively, the world will be a lovelier place with all its colours, like the sunrise or sunset, the rainbow and the flowers in different hue & rows. It does take a lot of colours to paint a beautiful picture.


As can be seen, colours add beauty. There should always be a flow and blending of colours. If God had intended the world to be just white or black, yellow or brown, He would have created it so.

Ironically, white people would go to great length to get a suntan and risk having skin cancer. Freckles and other unsightly spots show clearly through white skin. Thus getting a good suntan gives that nice brown shine.

Let not our eyes turn green with envy or jealousy, but rather to let the beauty of the eyes – blue, green, brown, grey or black shine through for all to appreciate. As a matter of fact, white people are more fortunately endowed, apart from their eyes, with a variety & shade of hair colours too.

The world is interestingly full of colours. Can you imagine what the world would be like without colours? Or just White? Black? Yellow or Brown?

Paul Chong

A Chinese by Descent

An Australian by Consent

Friday, 17 July 2009


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