Time – The Threshold of Eternity


(Read Ecclesiastes 3)


William Shakespeare, the great English playwright, said that everybody had twenty-four hours a day. . . it’s what you do with your time that matter. Time, after all, is an illusion. It expands

and contracts to suit one’s convenience.

Time on earth is brief and fleeting

Rapidly it passes like a ship a-sailing

Three score and ten years are but a span

The life of man does come to an end.

Time cannot be accumulated nor recalled

Every moment though precious, cannot be stored

Unlike the bank of money deposits can be made

The bank of time offers only “Take”.

Time can be spent or wasted in reality

Make your priorities with keen possibilities

Procrastinate not with rationalization

God’s calling requires no justification.

There is a time for everything

Everything demands your right thinking

No human logic can be applied however

When it comes to God’s grace and power.

Make your spiritual life count

Care not just your bank account

Send your booking ahead to heaven

Lest it’s too late towards the end.

Paul Chong

A Chinese by Descent

An Australian by Consent


One thought on “Time – The Threshold of Eternity

  1. So well put! We should not squander the limited time that God has given each one of us. We shouldn’t be counting our days, but making our days count.

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