Why Do We Email?

Why Do We Email?

In this DNA age of superhighway of communication, keeping in touch with your

loved ones, relatives and friends is so easy. Electronic communication is fast, virtually instant, cheap and simple. There is no reason why people should lose touch with

one another, unless it’s by choice. Through this media you can even

extend and establish new friendship globally.


It’s my way of keeping in touch and to let you know that I think of you when I email you even though it may be just forwarding a joke. In turn I hope you will reciprocate.

Sometimes we wonder why friends keep forwarding jokes to us without writing a word. Here maybe you’ll find the reasons.

When you are busy, but still want to keep in touch, the easiest way is to forward a joke. This is to let the other party know that:

  • You still remember him/her

  • He/she is still important to you

  • He/she is still loved

  • You still care

In reciprocating, just similarly forward a joke or better still, in a more personal way, send a simple note of acknowledgment. This is like conveying a smile, saying thank you, a gesture that you appreciate and above all exhibiting the unspoken human code of etiquette.

The worst thing you can do is to completely ignore whatever you receive in the emails. Needless for me to say, wrong implications and other misconstrued ideas can build up to sour relationship.

Without meaning to offend & nothing personal, from my gathering & personal observation over the years, I find that there are basically three categories of emailers:

      1. Avid – those showing a keen interest & enthusiasm; frequent.

      2. Courteous – those who are polite, respectful, considerate & even complaisant, but not so frequent.

      3. Lackadaisical – a carelessly lazy group lacking both enthusiasm & determination that’s aptly classed as “deadwood”.

        We all can’t be so avid nor do we wish to be lackadaisical . . . at least we can try to be courteous. Normally, all deadwood are trimmed or pruned off, as any gardener would advocate.

Have you ever wondered how a friend would feel if you were to keep on ignoring his mails without any hint of interest or simply even to acknowledge, however busy you may be?

Don’t ever complain of getting too much mails

For love & blessings cannot be assailed!

Rejoice in the Joy of Emailing!

Paul Chong

A Chinese by descent

An Australian by consent


2 thoughts on “Why Do We Email?

  1. Paul Khor

    Hi Paul, came across your blogs by accident and have enjoyed reading them. have also shared them with my friends. Was born in Segamat, MALAYA (when things were different!!), relatives in Penang, Taiping, Medan, schooled in Kota Tinggi and Johore Bahru. Left and have lived in New Zealand since 1969 after the riots. Have travelled to US, UK, Europe, Greece, Australia, bali, Indonesia, Hong Kong, but not as extensively as yourselves. Do keep posting. I will enjoy reading them and wish I was in your shoes! Regards, Paul

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