Dentists Galore . . . Services Deplore

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Dentists Galore . . . Services Deplore (By Paul Chong)


Kalamunda is a delightful place up in Perth Hills reflecting its glorious days when it used to be a weekend retreat for folks down in the City. Needless to say, you’ll find a greater number of retirees living up here with every conceivable human conveniences. There are banks, shops, shopping centres, post office, restaurants, bar lounges, lawyers, doctors & of course dentists – all in close proximity & within walking distances.

Dentists are found in every nook & corner whether it’s in Kalamunda, Lesmurdie or Gooseberry Hills. Like the medical doctors, they’re expected to perform a worthwhile dental service in true professionalism. With their numerical spread, one would expect the convenience & choice of excellent dental service.

To begin with, we as patients are much to be blamed when it comes to dental care. Though an essential part of health, we invariably neglect this area of care, especially when it means visiting a dentist. The very thought of the dentist’s drill sends chill down my spine. For that alone, we tend to postpone our dental appointment and seldom maintain our regular visits (at least speaking for myself).

As though it’s not painful enough, more pain is being extracted out of our pockets & wallets. This is because dental service is unregulated and charges & costs can hit the roof without any control. Unlike consulting your personal physician, you can be sure you’ll never be ripped off. But with the dentist, it’s said they make more money than the medical doctors!


The shocking thing is that in Kalamunda Shire where I have chosen to live for the last twenty odd years, dentists galore . . . but service deplore! Our Government has a scheme in place called EPC (Enhanced Patient Care) for diabetic patients, where dental charges are reimbursed by Medicare. The nursing sister at Stirk Medical Group told me that she wrote to all the dentists seeking their services under the scheme without getting as much as an acknowledgment. But why would they want to come under the scheme with restrictive charges? I have personally sought out some of them myself but to no avail with the exception of one pretty dentist, whose gentle hands & soothing voice release your tightening grip on the dentist’s chair.

Are dentists trained just to make money? With due respect & without prejudice, lots of the dentists are brilliant & bright, but I guess their lights shine along more on the financial path than on the path of care & service to the community at large. Diabetic patients requiring dental care are ever increasing but will be facing increasing deplorable dental service. Really a pathetic state of affair.

There is however one dental practice in Kalamunda, Jan Yeo Dental Surgery, that deserves every praise for the services rendered. Staffed by two very proficient dentists I(both ladies), it’s also staffed by a well qualified dental therapist (complete with a Bachelor of Oral Health), whose gentlest of hands render you a scaling & cleaning service virtually free from pain or uneasiness.

Dental care begins with oral health and here you have it at no. 1 Kalamunda Road, Kalamunda.

Paul Chong

Monday 23 September 2008


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