Do You Remember When . . .

Do You Remember When . . .

It’s a changing world we live in. Just going by

the games that boys & girls are playing these days, you can

really begin to wonder & ponder of your good old days.

ToysAssortment of marbles, balls, skipping rope etc.

We played tops

We played hops

We played cigarette cards

That was fun for the hearts

We played rubber band

That was even considered grand

We played marbles

Or whatever games that followed.

ist2_554602-balance-business-spinning-topsWooden Spinning Top

We had picnics & swim

We climbed up trees and swing

We flew kites

And fought them with might

Fighting fishes were our pride & kicks

Never a day gone by when we felt sick

These & lots of other things we did

Even mud & holes we might dig.

cigarette-packPlayer’ Cigarette Boxes or “Rough Rider”

300px-Betta_splendens02.JPGSiamese fighting fish

Gone are the days when life was simple & free

Nothing complicating or sophisticated indeed

Simple game like ‘hide & seek’

Got to our heads & we shrieked

Life was fun, simple & gay

We always had things to play

Nothing fanciful that we had to pay

Riding a jalopy or home we stay.

Paul Chong

A Chinese by Descent

An Australian by Consent

Saturday, 29 August 2009