Star Seafood Floating Restaurant – Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong

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Lion Entrance

The eternal question among the Chinese is:

Do we Eat to Live

or Live to Eat?

Dragon Chairs & Folding Screen

Hong Kong offers a variety of cuisine from street stalls to imperial courts. Good food galore, for the Cantonese are undoubtedly the best cooks in the world. However, but it’s knowing where & what to eat, as like the locals, that will make the difference to your wallet & palate.

Beautiful Surrounding - Shatin Park

As a regular visitor to Hong Kong, I have come to be familiar with the Cantonese folks in their fondness of eating out. There is no shortage of choice restaurants.

Promenade along Shing Mun River

Star Seafood Restaurant (Chinese: “Ming Sing” 明星海鮮舫), formerly called Treasure Floating Restaurant (Chinese: 敦煌畫舫), is a restaurant in Sha Tin, Hong Kong. This is the only marble or granite boat-shaped restaurant berthing along the eastern shore of Shing Mun River, near the junction of Siu Lek Yuen Road and Tai Chung Kiu Road. It serves a variety of Cantonese dishes including Cantonese dim sum & seafood.

Shing Mun River & Cycle Track

Please confuse not yourself with another much more famous Jumbo Seafood Floating Restaurant in Aberdeen in Hong Kong.

Restaurant Side View

The 8-hectare Sha Tin Park is located by the Shing Mun River. The South Garden is a traditional Chinese garden with pavilions, bridge and waterfalls.

Sai Kung nearby is famous for its abundance of seafood restaurants. (Below)

Sai Kung Seafood Restaurants - Many Around Nearby

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