How Much Is Your Time Worth?

By P Chong                       Thursday, 7 January 2010

Time Is Money!

There’s a Chinese saying which mentions that “One inch of time is inch of gold”. In developed countries,all professionals & even tradesmen charge for their services according to the time expended. They place a great value on their time. What about you? Do you value your time? Do you just spend it or waste it?

The only thing we can do with our time is to spend it – once spent it’s gone for good. But how we spend it determines how much it’s worth to us.

It’s been pointed out, for example, that a plain bar of iron is worth about $15.00.

* Made into horseshoes, it becomes worth $31.50.

* If made into needles, its worth multiples to $1,065.00.

* It multiplies by almost ten again to $9,855, if made into knife blades and,

* If wrought into balance springs for watches, the identical bar of iron becomes worth $750,000!

Perhaps we all can’t turn time into balance springs, but we owe to ourselves to at least try for needles or knife blades. The important thing is:

We all start with the same bar of iron

It’s what we do with it that counts!