Sexy Attractive Female Robotic Guide Failed to Endure

PC/Monday, 7 October 2013

Gropping Chinese tourists have put a female robot out of action after it was introduced to offer tour guides for visitors to the Jinzhou world garden art expo in Jinzhou, Liaoning province, northeast China.
Gropping Chinese tourists have put a female robot out of action after it was introduced to offer tour guides for visitors to the Jinzhou world garden art expo in Jinzhou, Liaoning province, northeast China. 

Organisers of the Jinzhou World Garden Art Expo in Liaoning Province, northeast China, came up with the novelty idea of introducing female robot guides to relieve the pressure & demand of teeming tourists on the human tourist guides.

Too attractive not to be touched . . .
Too attractive not to be touched . . . 

Against positive expectations on the part of the organisers, the attraction proved too much for the robotic guide to handle. Everybody was wanting to take a closer at the attractive female robot with bright red lips and wearing blue silk ballgown. Before long, the visitors were grabbing, groping & fondling at her dress to see what was beneath her. Equipped with a speech recognition program, it can answer questions & travel around the expo ground.

Such fascination, curiosity & over-zealous action soon led to the break down of the robot before its expiry due date. The idea was for the robot to last the event over the summer until the end of October.

Attractive female robot . . .  human-like
Attractive female robot . . . human-like

Consequently, human guides were put back into place. Perhaps, you wonder if handsome male robots were used instead, would the same fate befall on them?


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Qualitative and Quantitative Service

Qualitative and Quantitative Service

SANY1839A Typical Self-Service Store

We are living in a time when the question of being personally attended to seems such a rare treat. The old adage of consumer being king is no longer fashionably true. Gone are the days when your pint of milk was delivered to your doorstep or your personal physician making house calls. The worst is being attended to by electronic recording over the phone. Everything is so impersonal. In time we are likely to be replaced by machines. As it is, the computers and calculating machines are functioning in our place.

In retrospect, the corner store is fast disappearing, engulfed by giant supermarkets. Onto the stage of marketing, online buying and selling is evolving to be part of our daily lives. The most prominent and frustrating aspects of the Internet era will be a world devoid of humans. In highlighting the automated age, its scenario will evidently be:

  • the phobia of dealing with ghostly machine

  • the absolute challenge of making contact with the human face or voice

  • big bucks are channelled towards the objective of making sales rather than helping solving your shopping problem

  • modern systems keep customer service at arm’s length

  • speaking to a machine programmed to understand human speech

  • to access information you’ll face the daunting task of punching or typing in a sequence of numbers

  • the exasperating experience of wearing out your human patience

  • the frequent endless waiting of being served by a human.

    unknownLast Time When – wind screen wiped, water & oil checked, tyre pressure pumped?

As a starter, try calling up your neighbours or friends, and increasingly you’ll get the answering machine. Taking a step further, with large commercial establishments or departments, you’ll be confronted with the labyrinthine menus that accompany most phone-based systems. The maze and impersonal instruction will infuriate your patience and load you with frustration.

Increasingly, it is the phone and the Internet that engender the frustration. Everything is digitised. Sales items are bar-coded. The human brain is increasingly functioning less and less and no doubt robots will replace humans. You and I must be prepared to be bar-coded or fitted with “smart card” and be treated as mere digitals in this fast changing world.

Last but not least, there is nothing you can  label in terms of qualitative & quantitative service with the like of such  tradesmen as the electrician, plumber & carpenter. Even the smallest  job is measured out by the hour. They’re just minting gold much more than would any professional. Discounting good will & customer relationship, it’s a one-off kill!

Don’t look back to the good old days . . . brave yourself to the GREED of this corrupted world.

Paul Chong ©

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