“Devoted To Thee” -Tribute to Marie Dickinson

M Dickinson

People speak of Mother Teresa with awe & admiration, the same will equally apply in no lesser degree to Marie Dickinson – a virtual unknown set in the backdrop of human endeavour. There is no pomp or publicity to attract media attention. But do we need to be in the forefront before greatness is conferred upon the real good-doers.

Goodness of the heart is what God seeks, and true goodness is seldom exposed or sensationalised for which the media strike the commercial tune!

Marie Dickinson is a woman of substance, faithful & loyal to the core. She stirs with the break of dawn and hums her ways right through the fall of darkness. She handles both domestic & commercial affairs (of her late husband Stuart) with dexterity & speed of efficiency as with magic.She’s been her husband’s secretary, business partner, account/book keeper, life partner & mother of two beautiful daughters Seanne & Heidi.


Knowing her for all these years since 1981 when I first visited Perth, I still feel totally inadequate to present her true image. She & her late husband had been host parents to a good number of foreign students – from top of the Himalayan countries to the rice plains of Vietnam, Hong Kong & Malaysia, not forgetting my own youngest brother, Mike and his brother-in-law Daniel.

Seanne & Heidi posing beneath a huge portraiture of themselves.

Mike (Standing Left) & his wife Doreen in blue (Standing third from left)
Mike (Standing Left) & his wife Doreen in blue (Standing third from left)Two nights ago, Lilian & I together with two other young couples gathered at China Court Restaurant to celebrate 225 years of good living (the years of the two young couples not included) – an intimate & cosy affair blessed by the absence of other diners that auspicious night. God must have seen to that. There was a touch of showers but otherwise warm & quiet within therein for our purpose. We three “musketeers” have an age difference of only three months between each of us. Born in the Tiger year she’s anything but that ferocious creature we find in the wild but a subdued gentle white breed rarely found in the world…….

Richard & Theresa Lwin Carl & Joansy PergrumHelping to celebrate: Carl & Joasnsy Pergrum

White Tiger

Paul & Lilian Chong
Paul & Lilian Chong   Looking radiant with a good top of hair, untainted by the advancement of time, she still attends the same old Riverton Baptist Church sine the 70s without clamouring for honoured position or deaconship. Marie is just one member of the congregation dutifully & faithfully carrying out her fair share of responsibilities of church building. 

She took on the task of looking after Peggy Walters, a retiree in the Sherwin Lodge, Rossmoyne, like more than a daughter unto her. Each week Marie would fetch her for shopping, stand by on call in case of emergency, helping her with chores which became too much to bear for an eighty-year-old with a weak heart & unreliable gait. Marie guiding her on with every due care & attentio

Her heart is good & strong & may have only be broken but once when her dear husband Stuart who operated their home-based Interior Décor business died of that dreadful motor neuron disease in his fifties.

Let’s hear what my brother Mike, now manager for an international corporation in the Pacific Rim, has to say:

Marie and Stuart played host parents to many foreign students. I do not know how many but during my time at Leederville Technical College and WAIT ( now Curtin University) I recalled clearly there were two other Malaysian Malay students and another from Hong Kong. Marie and Stuart were actually Doreen’s brother, Daniel’s host parents but somehow we ended being adopted as well.”

Mike continues: “Marie and Stuart love having friends over for meals and we were invited over many occasions. As most meals were western/Aussie meals we were of little help but Marie would be busy single handed lay churning to 3 course meals . . . entree, main course and of course her lovely and delicious desserts. It was a first for me to taste pavlova and hers was simply irresistible! 

When not entertaining at home,” Mike says “Stuart and Marie would invite their close friends to dinner at a restaurant and at least once we joined them in the up market Oyster Bar which we would not think of dining there as students.”

Marie and Stuart are very generous and caring people; the generation of Australians who felt very blessed and wanted to share what they have. On one occasion they invited us to join them to a beach holiday stay near Yanchep; something again as students we would not such expense. However it turned out to be an embarrassing experience cos my $500 Madza could not start and Stuart had to disrupt his holidays to tow my car with his to a mechanic at Osbourne Park!!, I felt so bad and it was my fault for not servicing the car regularly. But here again is the kindness and generosity of the Dickinsons. And never for once did Stuart or Marie brought this up in subsequent meetings.”

Marie was born in the year of the Tiger, but far from being the ferocious animal as in the wild, she’s an exceptional white tiger so rarely seen in the world at large . . . most docile & tame & mysteriously welcoming in sight.

Marie has dedicated her life that so others may live better!

Devoted To Thee”

So amazingly transparent & free.

Greatest Earthquake in 140 Years Hit Japan

By P Chong                                                        Saturday, 12 March 2011

Via NHK Japan/English Satellite TV

Until last night I hadn’t known that my youngest brother Mike, Pacific Regional Manager for DuPont, was still in Tokyo, as he told me he was on his way to the U.S. Spoke to him on Skype last night and what a first-time seismic experience for him!

He was in the street when the greatest earthquake in 140 years hit off-shore the Island of Honshu, with its epicentre only 24 Km beneath the sea. Tokyo shook . . . chaos reigned . . . everything stopped functioning. No taxis were available & he had to walk with jostling crowds all the way back to his hotel.

The magnitude of the earthquake was said to be 8.8 in the Richter Scale. On the Japanese Scale of 0 to 7, it measured 7. The time was 2.46 pm on Friday, 11 March 2011.

Japan lies in the seismic zone known as “The Ring of Fire” which encircles the Pacific Rim – Philippines, Indonesia, New Zealand, East Coast of South America, up to California and right up to Alaska. Tsunami warning was let out to all these places. Initial tsunami waves in Japan were as high as 7 metres & 10 metres. All low lying coastal areas were subsequently warned of evacuation to higher ground. According to Meteorological Agency waves as high as 2 to 3 metres are to be expected with subsequent after shakes recorded in the region of 6.6 Richter Scale.

At the time of writing, NHK satellite TV of Japan announced death toll to be over 422 & 740 missing, but final figures would be hard to confirm. Japan does look to be one ‘ring of fire’.

Took some shots directly from the TV as the scenes were being televised. So here are the shots for your perusal . . .

The sheer force of tsunami waves engulfing everything in its path! Engulfing water full of debris & devastated materials!

Talk of the might & power of any country . . . all pale in significance when compared to the might of God. We are so very insignificant! Be humble man!


Everywhere ablaze . . . smoke & fire along the Pacific coast of Japan

As reported on Sunday, 13 March 2011 at 2.57 am, casualties stood at 680 and it could go beyond 1,000. In fact, in Miyagi Prefecture alone, it is estimated the casualties could be as high as 10,000. It’s the aftermath of the quake bringing on tsunami waves as high as 7,3 metres one after another. According to RT Satellite TV reports, Japan stands the danger of a nuclear disaster similar to that of Chernobyl with the detection of nuclear leaks as a result of explosions at Fukushima nuclear plant to the north of Tokyo. Four injured casualties were found to be affected by radiation leaks with more people being tested.. The question is how bad & extensive will it be & whether it can be contained.

It is feared that this earthquake disaster will stall Japan’s effort to recover from its weak economy. Authorities need to do far more than merely evacuate people from the area. This is a great national tragedy and Japan has appealed for international help.

All along the Pacific coast of Japan, casualties & death keep on mounting. Modern society has never seen the like of it. It’s staggering . . . a disaster that sees the engulfing seas of waves devastating entire villages & towns. It’s nature unleashing all its fury & might. Is this the sign from God, I wonder!