A True Friend

Source: Ginosphotos(RF)

The question of true friendship hits you hardest

When you hit life’s journey longest

At the end of three score or more years

All doubts & fears become clear.

Friends come, friends go

Only one will glow

He stays with you

Because of you

Not that you’re rich

Not that you’ve reached

The scale of success

That others won’t access.

He’s there for you

Among the very few

With open arms

No superficial charm

As most rich expect

The things he possesses

And more in excesses.

A friend is one who comes in

When all the world goes out

He gives his all without expectation

Without thought of appreciation

He’s not there because you’re rich

Nor care even if you’re a freak

He cares for you unconditionally

Hoping you’d surrender to Him freely.

Paul Chong

Originally Penned on

Tuesday, 19 December 2000