A Day at the Beach in China.

Paul Chong                                      Tuesday, 31 January 2017

1 2 3China is BIG & I mean BIG. No less than 1.35 billion Chinese out of the world’s total population of 7 billion (2011) live in China. Each of its 23 provinces is like the size of any other country globally.
Can you then conceive in your mind what the crowd would be in the field of leisure & pleasure?

4 5There’s always something to be said about a country’s population . . .
Just look at the above pictures & below, then don’t ever complain about crowded beaches anymore!

6 7In China, they’ll need a GPS to find their umbrella or to locate the toilet!
When you miss or lose a loved one there at the beach, would you be able to locate him or her?

Can you see that pretty girl waving to you?

The mind boggles.

Where do they park their cars?
Do they have any lifeguards?
How the hell do you get a tan?
Just imagine what it would be like if everyone in the water peed?
Maybe that is how the Yellow River got its name!

Can you imagine our own famous Bondi Beach in Sydney?

bondi-beach-sydneyBondi Beach, Sydney
Surely it can’t be compared – two different levels of playing field.
Even though I am not much of a beach goer, I prefer Bondi.


Cruise For Life It Shall Be . . . No Nursing Home For You Or Me?

By Paul Chong                               Saturday, 12 December 2009

Plan your work

And work your plan

You’ll be a success

In the end.

In like token, so it is with life’s retirement!

Queen Mary

Most of us dream of seeing the world . . . travel the Seven Seas . . . cruise on the world’s greatest ocean liner (not the Titanic though) . . . or perhaps venturing something which even angels fear to tread. For some, such hope dream & aspiration do come true, but for most a dream remains so forever! Life is often said to be unfair & discriminating. Having worked hard all your life, you deserve better.

These days modern top executives, so called top-notch wheeler-dealers, are no more than the traditional travelling salesmen. The only difference is that the former get to jet or jaunt the world, a few days here or a few days there, constantly on the move – like it or detest it. Perspective of such a life style without leisure for home life nor the real travel pleasure would differ from person to person. Ultimately, whatever we do for a living, the destiny is towards a well-earned retirement – to do the things we never ever had time for before!

Liberty of the Seas

How does this sound? “Liberty of the Seas”, a Caribbean cruise ship, presently the world’s largest (status doesn’t last long these days as with the tallest building in the world) as your retirement home for both pleasure & leisure! It certainly sound like music to my ears! Having had the experience & a fair share of cruising on the Virgo (a Star cruise ship) & Dawn Princess (Princess Cruises), I can with humbleness relate to you how to realise such a dream.

I have also asked my back neighbour Tosh who works with his wife on the Cunard Line to verify the highlights of living on the high seas for the rest of your natural life.

It may surprise you that it works out to be even cheaper & lots better than going to a retirement home. We met a couple or two on the Dawn Princess Cruise last December 2008 who chose such a lifestyle. Others have been on board the same ship for the last four cruises – well-seasoned cruisers. When asked to comment, they shouted with joy “Yes, that’s true. It’s beautiful!”

Dawn Princess
Cruising Beneath Sydney Bridge & Passing Sydney Opera House

Now, are you ready for the high life? No wonder Hollywood filmed such series as the “Love Boat”! Apart from love & romance or high seas adventure, the following highlights of a luxurious old age may just astonish you:

Romantic As Ever! Friends from Perth
      1. Gratuities will only be $10 per day.

      2. You can have as many as 10 meals a day if you can waddle to the several restaurants. Or if you prefer room service, which means you can have breakfast in bed every day of the week.
      3. You can have not one but three swimming pools, gym, free washers & dryers & top shows every night.
      4. They provide you with free toothpaste & razors, and free soap & shampoo.
      5. The cruise staff will even treat you like a customer, not a patient. An extra $5 worth of tips will have the entire staff scrambling to help you.
      6. You will have the opportunity of meeting the nicest people on board every other day or week.
      7. No fear of TV broken or light globe needs changing or the need to have the mattress replaced . . . the staff will fix everything & even apologise for your inconvenience and no charge!
      8. Activities galore . . . whatever you like if you have the energy for them! Line dancing, ballroom, singing . . . “Sail Ahoy!”

        With some friends from Perth

All aboard now!

The writer . . . A Chinese by Descent, An Australian by Consent