Tiananmen Square: Protestors’ Debacle

Tiananmen Square: Protestors’ Debacle

(By Paul Chong)

Tiananmen” means “The Gate of Heavenly Peace”.

The catch-cry of “Harmonious Living” as advocated by President Hu Jintao

is a befitting slogan to live by in this world of war, gloom & depression,

greed, drugs & soaring crime. Living in peace & harmony, is not just for China

but globally, most importantly.


The pages of history bespeak the truth of the power of ancient China, long before the rise of Western power as the Romans, Greeks, Spain, the Dutch, Portuguese, British or the Americans. Admittedly, China had long history of wars – but all within its own boundaries & territories. It never conceived the grandeur ambition of conquest of other nations. All it ever wanted & interested in was trade and recognition by way of “tributes” to the Chinese Emperors. While it never encroached upon the sovereignty of other nations, the same cannot be said with nations outside the Great Wall of China. The chapters on colonisation & imperialism should be henceforth closed.

When you look at the atrocities & miseries violated upon the men, women & children in the warring countries of Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan & others, you wonder what is the sense of all this! We are not savages still dwelling in caves, but certainly are reduced to the status as such without pity or compassion. Under the guise of outreach of democracy & blinding the people & other nations with visionary grandeur of aiding the countries trodden upon, US has rhetorically justified for its action. War solves nothing but creates “crying & suffering”.

The army of China is rightly & significantly known as Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) . . . it’s for the people . . . always helping peoples’ plight during floods,  earthquakes & other dangers. It’s unthinkable & insane to believe the PLA would inflict its people with pain & suffering. The same can be said in respect of the Chinese communist leaders. The tanks did roll out onto the Tiananmen Square but they were not shooting down the protestors. Shots were fired – only to scare & disperse the teeming crowd. With night fall civil commotion & riot got out of hand . . . places & properties were set on fire. Order  had to be maintained & tough decisions taken.

In retrospect, it would have been a great disaster for China had the authorities not taken a firm hand in dealing with the Tiananmen Square protests in June 1989. The wily political ploy of the West had seen to the disintegration of Yugoslavia & the Soviet Union, and no less the same could have happened to China then. To quote Prof. Kevin Deluca, an associate professor of communications at the University of Utah & author of “Image Politics”:

“Quite simply, no government, democratic or not, allows

such violence within its own borders. Providing peace &

stability, even by force if necessary, is what government do.”

090526140530_tiananmen_students_446.jpg Faces of Tiananmen Square Protestors

Western media focus essentially on sensationalism to boost their profitable bottom line & would to the extent of fixing & twisting the truth to achieve their objectives. Their embrace of Dalai Lama & bending the truth about the Tibetan riots in the lead up to Beijing Olympics totally distort all historical facts of the Dalai Lama & the true state of affairs of the then oppressed Tibetans. Truth always prevail. There’s no need for defence.

175px-Flag_of_the_People's_Republic_of_China.svg(The Flag of China – Tibet is represented by one of the Stars)

People generally like to present their lovely front yard, while their backyards are often neglected. Or they say people living in glass house shouldn’t throw stones. Western media are excellent in turning deaf ears & closing their eyes on problems within their own backyards – because bad publicity would jeopardize their apparent clean image. They need, in all fairness & justice, abandon their simplistic political stance, to present news in true perspective.


(Popular image as depicted in Western media)

The crackdown of the Tiananmen Square protests, contrary to western propaganda media, really was a step in the right direction. The lifting up of the Bamboo Curtain & the capitalism-cum-socialism system as propounded by Deng Xiaoping would have laid in waste over the muddy economic sea. PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO TO HAVE A BETTER UNDERSTANDING & INSIGHT INTO THE WHOLE DEBACLE. (ABOUT 3 HOURS & IN MANDARIN & SOME ENGLISH).

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/uyauJ34d2K0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Today, China has come of age, standing tall & strong on the international economic platform. With the present economic crisis, people globally are now opening their eyes & clamouring to deal with China. Geographically speaking, as the sun sets in the West, it will surely rise in the East.


Paul Chong

A Chinese by Descent

An Australian by Consent

Thursday 28 May 2009

6.00 am