They Suckle Like Babies . . . But Fish Is No Baby!

By P Chong                                                                               Thursday, 25 August 2011

Feeding a child is difficult as it is

What about feeding an animal?

This must be the craziest of all things

Having Feeding Bottle Sucking Fish!

You have heard of people bottle feeding the bear, a monkey, a tiger or lion cub . . . but a fish?

You have to take your hat off to the Chinese. They cross breed Koi with   some Amazon fish and produce this feeding bottle sucking fish.

They start training them to take bottle feedings at 1 year old. By 2 they are on exhibition in places like parks etc. It is such a novelty . . . almost like magic!

 Each feeding bottle is sold for RMB10. Most parents and young couples are happy to pay to feed the fish.

It is claimed that they suckle like babies and are very cute.

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I wonder what else they’ll teach the fish to suck next!!!



Photos: CNS

Our Crying Life

Our Crying Life

By Paul Chong


The day we were born

You and I didn’t sing a song

We did instead utter our first cry

Significantly as though we knew why

From the warmth and comfort in the womb

To the unknown trials and tribulations until the tomb.

As innocent infants we can only cry

To get the message across in our trial

We cry for this, we cry for that

Nothing comes by without crying in the act

From the child’s age till the school stage

We frequently cry especially in our rage.

Though women cry more in their ways

Men are not spared and equally swayed

Each sadness and sorrow deserve a good cry

Even with happiness we appear to cry

Crying affects everyone, sad or otherwise

Others cry for us when we die.