God’s Rosebud


In all life’s situation, often there’s a simple solution

to every problem

If only we LET GO . . . AND LET GOD.

Let me share this beautiful story & poem to illustrate my point.


A new minister was walking with an older more seasoned minister

in the garden one day. Feeling a bit insecure about what God had for him to do, he was asking THE OLDER PREACHER FOR SOME ADVICE.

The older preacher walked up to a rosebush and handed the young preacher a rosebud and told him to open it without tearing off any petals.

The young preacher looked in disbelief at the older preacher

and was trying to figure out what a rosebud could possibly

have to do with his wanting to know the will of God for

his life and ministry.

But because of his great respect for the older preacher, he proceeded

to try to unfold the rose, while keeping every petal intact.

It wasn’t long before he realized how impossible this was to do.

Noticing the younger preacher’s inability to unfold the rosebud

without tearing it, the older preacher began to recite the following poem . . .

“It is only a tiny rosebud,

A flower of God’s design;

But I cannot unfold the petals

With these clumsy hands of mine.”

“The secret of unfolding flowers

Is not known to such as I.

GOD opens this flower so easily,

But in my hands they die.”

“If I cannot unfold a rosebud,

This flower of God’s design,

Then how can I have the wisdom

To unfold this life of mine?”

“So I’ll trust in God for leading

Each moment of my day.

I will look to God for guidance

In each step along the way.”

“The path that lies before me,

Only my Lord and Savior knows.

I’ll trust God to unfold the moments,

Just as He unfolds the rose.”

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Share this beautiful message around & constantly be reminded


So relax and let go and make Him the Centre of your Life. 



Guess Who’s Coming To Preach

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By P Chong                                                          Sun. 5 September 2010

Story: Origin Unknown

Church is the place for worship

Less so the place for fellowship

For your focus is on God

Rather than whatever you’ve got!

It was a cold winter’s day that Sunday. The parking lot to the church was filling up quickly. I noticed as I got out of my car fellow church members were whispering among themselves as they walked into the church.

Source: Fine Art Print

As I got closer I saw a man leaned up against the wall outside the church. He was almost laying down as if he was asleep. He had on a long trench coat that was almost in shreds and a hat topped his head, pulled down so you could not see his face. He wore shoes that looked 30 years old, too small for his feet, with holes all over them, his toes stuck out. I assumed this man was homeless, and asleep, so I walked on by through the doors of the church.

We all fellowshipped for a few minutes, and someone brought up the man laying outside. People snickered and gossiped but no one bothered to ask him to come in, including me. A few moments later church began. We all waited for the preacher to take his place and to give us the Word, when the doors to the church opened.

In came the homeless man walking down the aisle with his head down. People gasped and whispered and made faces. He made his way down the aisle and up onto the pulpit where he took off his hat and coat. My heart sank. There stood our preacher … he was the “homeless man,” and the last parishioner to arrive for service.

No one said a word. The preacher took his Bible and laid it on his stand.

Folks, I don’t think I have to tell you what I am preaching about today.”

It does take an experience such as this to set our thinking

right. All too often, materialism & human become our focus of worship which are hateful to God as idolatry.

If I may say so, as men stray, churches sadly too stray.

Dick Halverton, Chaplain of the United States Senate (Fellowship), puts it in these thought-provoking words:

In the beginning the church was a fellowship of men & women center on the living Christ. Then the church moved to Greece where it became a philosophy. Then it moved to Rome where it became an institution. Next, it moved to Europe where it became a culture. And finally, it moved to America where it became an enterprise.”

Christianity, according to Samuel Wilberforce, can be condensed into four words: ADMIT, SUBMIT, COMMIT & TRANSMIT.

Friends & Friendship

Friends & Friendship

(By Paul Chong)


(A person who helps at a difficult time is truly a reliable person.)

With three score & ten years behind me, though a dimmer prospect of another score ahead of me, I have lived a life where the word “friend” takes on different perspectives with the passing of time.

The essence of friendship is a connection or bond undeterred by time or space. It’s a love that knows unlimited boundaries & true friendships last a lifetime.

You don’t need to have friends in high places or in senior positions who are able and willing to use their influence on your behalf. What you need most is, in times of need, a friend whom you can count on anytime, anyplace, anyhow – dependable, responsible & reliable whatever the circumstances. This is what’s all about of the proverbial saying of “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. It is someone who has collectively all the wonderful qualities in him which he puts at your disposal without the least worrying about his own self interests.

  • He has with you a bond of mutual understanding, love , affection & respect.

  • He ‘s a strong supporter of your cause – be it personal or otherwise.

  • He’s always on your side – friend rather than foe.

Over the years when you were growing up, you were & are constantly making friends. After all, we are gregarious creatures, social beings, who need to mix & congregate. You have it heard being said that no man is an island. For all intent & purposes we find ourselves living in nests, be it social sharing common interests or professional as in the same line of work or employment. In school, we have classmates & schoolmates as friends. In college, we have college mates, & at university, university mates.

In our working life, we have colleagues & work mates – some closer than others, distinguishing through degrees of same interests. For the ambitious ones, they move outside the sphere of their own environment by joining clubs & associations to extend their friendship circle. Some join service clubs with the noble idea of rendering service to the community or the sheer opportunity of meeting people in higher places. Some take to playing golf for in most Asian countries golf has a snob connotation attached. Others use it as an avenue of closing deals or negotiating one. Sports like tennis does provide an avenue of advancing one’s social circle & ladder, rendering a touch of class & social grace. Church going is also a way of socialising.

Whatever & however friendship is cultivated, friends of such category seldom last. The Chinese have a saying about friends who will wine & dine with you while you are able to lavishly throw parties around. While the going is good, that friend is around but not otherwise. “Hey, there’s nothing in it for me!”, so he drifts away.

So will all your friends drift away one way or another. Some sadly enough through the misfortune of untimely demise. They are never around you forever however close you might have been because of circumstances or job locations. Out of sight out of mind is a natural human phenomenon. If you value friendship as much as you value your life, stay in touch, particularly those who are really your friends.

When you sit and rock in your old rocking chair, & your mind wander into the distant past, take time to think just how many friends you have made over the years, how many are still with you, but more so, how many can you really count them as friends. I wonder!

Sometimes, a friend is but a stranger whom you have not met! You met by chance & by choice you became friends. Good friends endure the test of time & trials. I also remember an old song we used to sing in school:

Make new friends

But keep the old

One is sliver

The other is gold.”

Friendship demands all due care & attention.At all times, we need to apply all the “Rs” in terms of mutual respect. Friends, more than all the things, must be renewed, refreshed, revived, reclaimed,redeemed & restored that they may be treasured & not discarded.

“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” St Thomas Aquinas

May you always have

Love to Share, Health to Spare and Friends that Care!

Paul Chong

A Chinese by Descent

An Australian by Consent