Malaysia: Score From A’s to C’s

By Paul Chong        Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Mahathir capitalised on his “Malay Dilemma” & professing to be true blue Bumiputra with his wiry ways to establish himself as the virtual king in the Malaysian political arena & ruled ultimately for 22 years, a record reign of standing up to now.

Mahathir - M's all the way
Mahathir – M’s all the way

Significantly, Mahathir’s reign was all M’s . . . his name itself Mahathir Mohamed . . . “Malay Dilemma’ (his book) . . . it’s all Money, Money, Money. He initiated & established the M 9Money) culture.

Najib - Najibism . . . From A's to C's
Najib – Najibism . . . From A’s to C’s

Najib’s time is all A’s . . . He distinguished himself as the only the Prime Minister in this whole wide world who could get away with alleged murder of Mongolian beauty queen Altantuya. . Added to that great score, he committed Anuar Ibrahim, the former DPM under Mahathir, to a life of sodomy. He even staged all the obstacles to prevent Azizah, wife of Anuar, from almost not succeeding as Selangor’s Chief Minister. Two Aircrafts (MH370 & MH17) hitting the world’s headlines in their controversial disappearance & crash . . . a mystery till today unsolved. Najib ruled that the word “Allah” (referring to God) could only be used by the Muslims.

BERSIH 4 - Protests all over the world
BERSIH 4 – Protests all over the world

With all the follies of A’s he furthered himself to changing the famous catch phrase of CCN (Corruption, Cronyism Nepotism) to CNN, the last N being Najibism . . . more famous than the American media CNN. The crux of Malaysia’s political quagmire is the 1MDB (1 Malaysia Development Berhad) – the national financial investment front of which he is the chairman, is the misappropriation of US$700 million or MR2.6 billion revealed by WSJ to have found its way to the personal account of Najib. He claimed it to be a political donation from a Middle East donor. The end is near at hand with the global BERSIH 4 protests. He has been given enough rope to hang himself!

The Malaysian political quagmire as seen in the crisis thus created . . . the glaring loss of confidence & credibility, the fall of commodity prices & contending with the weakening ringgit. Capitalism is dying or dead according to the INCEIF emeritus professor Datuk Mohamed Ariff.

Mohamed Ariff said : “It appears that the country is in denial mode … The sharp fall in commodity prices, rapidly shrinking ringgit, ballooning external debt, ailing stock market and falling central bank reserves are all taking a heavy toll on the Malaysian economy. And yet, we keep hearing that the fundamentals are still strong.”
“Such talk only serves to dampen investor sentiment further, as these give rise to the impression that the government cannot even recognise or understand that there is a problem in the first place, let alone fix it,” he said.
According to Mohamed Ariff, the country’s confidence and credibility crisis stemmed mainly from domestic factors.
He said these factors included the absence of checks and balances besides a lack of transparency, disclosure and accountability.

“The crisis the country currently faces is largely homegrown. It smacks of poor governance and mismanagement. The ongoing financial scandals speak volumes. The poor handling of the issues with no straight answers and the absence of checks and balances have affected the country’s image in the global arena … The economy is bogged down in a crisis of confidence and credibility. To put the economy back on track, we must restore confidence and credibility, which can only come with increased transparency, disclosures and accountability,” Mohamed Ariff said
Last Wednesday (Aug 26), the ringgit weakened to a new point against the US dollar at 4.2995. Compared to the Singapre dollar, the ringgit depreciated to a fresh level at 3.0563.

Yesterday (Aug 28), the ringgit changed hands against the US dollar at 4.1990. Compared to the Singapore currency, the ringgit was traded at 2.9903.

New Flying Hover Golf Cart

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 4.34.19 PM Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 4.35.32 PM

Sensational vehicle hovering over the golfing landscape

When defending Masters golf tournament champion Bubba Watson was shown in a video cruising down the fairway on his Oakley-sponsored hovercraft, the world took notice. It’s been seen by more than 60 million people after being covered by ABC, CNN, ESPN and countless websites.

Neoteric Hovercraft President Chris Fitzgerald told Yahoo News he plans to produce up to 140 of the hovercraft models this year and has had to push back his company’s other production orders to keep up with surging demand, with orders coming from millionaires even in Russia.

Other than for the obvious cool factor, why would someone spend upward of $50,000 on a golf cart hovercraft?

Fitzgerald acknowledged that it’s largely a novelty, but he said there are a few legitimate reasons. “They have a very low environmental impact,” Fitzgerald said. “They can also get up to 50 mph. You can literally fly over a water hazard.”

In addition, Fitzgerald said, he’s tweaking the golf cart cabin to make it more spacious. However, he was quick to note that along with the relatively steep price tag, this golf court requires flight training.

It’s about a 12-hour course,” he said. “But when you’re done, you could fly your friends around the course.”

Still, Krivicka pointed out that not everything in the video, called “Bubba’s Hover,” is entirely real. For example, in its current form, the hovercraft is loud. And it doesn’t do well when traversing bumpy terrain, as a hovercraft is drawn to depressions in the ground. For example, if you drove next to a ditch, you’d probably end up crashing into it.

The idea was a collaborative thing from us, Oakley [who is also Watson’s corporate sponsor], Bubba and Neoteric,” Krivicka said in an interview from Thinkmodo’s New York offices. “It literally all started with a napkin drawing. It has already become the most successful marketing campaign ever for Oakley.”

I’ve been in this business for 50 years. You can pull your hair out trying to figure out how to get this information out that this technology exists,” Fitzgerald added. “In one fell swoop it’s gotten across all these hovercraft concepts to people.”

Pretty much everything you see in the video is real,” Krivicka said. “But we staged the crowd reactions and specifically chose a golf course in Arizona that suited our needs.”

But the bottom line is you can now purchase a flying golf cart with an expected price of $65,000.

The world’s first hovercraft golf cart is the BW1, which can soar over both sand traps and water hazards and doesn’t damage grass.

How the BW1 works:

  • Classic roof adds a familiar golf cart look and shields you from sun, rain and shanked golf balls.

  • Motorcycle-style handlebar gives you tight control of rudders, which steer using airflow.

  • You didn’t pay all that cash to stay on the concrete. The inflatable skirt keeps the cart 9 inches off the ground, letting you float over rough, sand and ponds.

  • Sixty-five horses power the supercharged fans that put the hover in the hover-cart.

  • Computer-operated, reverse-thrust system makes spinning and flying in reverse possible.

  • Rear storage secures golf bags, equipment and other gear–say, a cooler full of beer.

Crying Out Loud (C O L)

English: The Red-eyed Tree Frog (Litoria chlor...

Frog in the Well

WITH the advent of email & internet

Acronyms & abbreviations are common sight

Be it LOL or SMS

Economy of words step right out

Actual vocabulary seemingly lost

In the world of speed & short-cut

To be heard don’t just sob

You’ve got to “cry out loud” & shout!

The full impact of a joke breeds LOL

When distressed, oppressed & hurt . . . COL!

I recall the story of “The Frog in the Well” – its call is all confined to the walls of the well. It’s only in the still of night or early morning that its calls hit our ears but only faintly. The frog knows not the world outside nor the outside really knows of its existence. What can of the world is that it lives in?

The world is a troubled place as it is. Wars, riot & civil commotion raging everywhere. You simply don’t have time to stand & stare!For “Crying Out Loud” is the way to go to merit survival of the fittest.

People the world over are like frogs in the well. Be they living or existing in US, Greece, Portugal or MALAYSIA . . . all are bogged down in the quagmire of political-economic-social mess!

It’s democracy gone crazy. The rich & powerful dominate reaping the country & the world at large to satisfy their GREED. In Malaysia, the American media flagship CNN is replaced by CCN (Corruption, Croynism & Nepotism). This is where the ruling BN/UMNOputras bloom while the majority of the nationals including their own “sons of the soil” swoon!

Let’s refresh with a little poem of mine on “The Frog in the Well” . . .

DON’T be a frog in the well

It never know it’s living in hell

When it’s able to get out of the well

Then it knows it’s never so swell.

People who live an isolated life

Are confined & restricted in their sight

Such people are difficult & set in their ways

Nothing new & progressive can make them sway.

The story also typifies people with closed mind

They are like ancient miners in thee old coal mine

Danger lurked with every stroke

Like bungee jumping without the rope.

There’s a big world out there

You’ve got to know & care

Love is what makes the world go round

Living together peacefully in & around.

Paul Chong ©

Sunday, 1 July 1990                                                                               

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