Should China Become A Democratic Nation?


By Paul Chong – Friday 31 July 2015

This question is of particular interest to the western media & the US namely. Relentlessly, US has been out to insist & impress other nations that it’s the be all & end all of all forms of government. But is it? After all, US is but a baby politically when compared to China with its thousands of years history – a great civilisation sustained & undiminished through the passage of time. China had its ebb no doubt but riding high today & it’s generating baseless fear all around. It’s misguided & misunderstood due to media propaganda & US attempts to topple China in every way possible. Napoleon Bonaparte advocated leaving the then sleeping dragon to its repose. But will US listen?

China today is different from its humiliated past. Its progress & standing spell awe & wonder & no doubt envied by many. According to 18 October 2014 CCTV report, China has lifted 600 million people out of poverty (1978 -2010) – a figure almost double US total population. This is simply amazing for no nation on earth has ever achieved such a feat. China is a big nation with a colossal population of 1.4 billion. Its world trade & links, astronomical urbanisation programs, building of infrastructure domestically & abroad, establishment of banks etc are all staggering. Over the years its GDP figure averages close to 10 per cent. per annum. China may be known as a communist country, but it’s far being such in practice.

It goes without saying that for any country, law & order must prevail, otherwise Chaos will assail.

Personal freedom & aspirations are in no way curtailed. People in China are making money & prospering. China is flooded with tourists & in turn Chinese tourists are visible everywhere. You only have to visit China to satisfy your doubt & curiosity. No system of government can lay claim to being perfect or the best, but the US wants to pride itself by being able to say “I told you so.”

Obama won his presidency on the platform of advocating change. But the changes have been negative rather than positive. US with its unmatched military power & strength has waged more wars than any other countries. Its phenomenal foreign debts can never be repaid & the fear of its reserve currency becoming imminently replaced by the Chinese Yuan breeds no comfort. Would any sane country follow its path? Would China, which present system of government is working so well, adopt a concept that has no guarantee that it will work for its needs & environment?

Good leadership & good government naturally attract new followers. In the commercial world a product is only marketable if its quality is proven.


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