With A Song In My Heart

Many of you would probably remember the famous

Walt Disney’s “Snow White & The Seven Dwarves”.

Prince Charming was serenading to her this song:

Now that I’ve found you, hear what I have to say. One song, I have but one song. One song only for you. One heart, my heart keeps singing of that one song only for you!” Kind of romantic, isn’t it?

When I was recovering in the Royal Perth Hospital in July 1990 from duodenal ulcer, I wrote this short poem, though the circumstances were quite different.

WITH a song in my heart

I’ll treat thee special from the start

I’ll think of thee, I’ll dream of thee

Ever lovingly, ever so tenderly.

What I have, I thee give

Without condition nor I to receive

Take me as I am, poor in standing

With a heart of love ever giving.

You are special, you are great

I have yet to know of anyone of late

Seems like fate that we should meet

Another time, another place would be sweet.

The song will forever be ringing

With emotion true I’ll be singing

When you hear me coming

Stretch your arms for my welcoming.

Paul Chong

Friday, 13 July 1990

RPH Ward 7B 17G


One thought on “With A Song In My Heart

  1. Charles Christano

    You are indeed a very gifted person. A man of The Book and also many other
    books. A man whose heart is sensitive to those around you and the whole
    creation which tells the glory of God. A man whose heart is grateful and
    has a great concern to others. You are a poet. Yes you are.
    May more people who come across and read what you have written and still
    more coming from your “pen”, will be brought to the saving grace
    and the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you Paul.

    Peace: CC

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