Empires Rise Empires Fall (In Peace or In War)

US Break-UpRussian Prof Igor Panarin’s Apocalyptic Vision Of America

No empire stands supreme or endures forever. However great & invincible or indestructible all empires succumb to destruction either from within or without. The quest for immortality is forever there, but heavy is the crown for those who dare! The fall is inevitable & will always be there whether it takes a century or millennia.

Falling back on the history of mankind, the stories of 25 empires, both ancient & new, have left an indelible imprint:

Sumerian Empire                            Chola Empire

Assyrian Empire                             Songhai Empire

Achaemenid Empire                       British Empire

Athenian Empire                            Ottoman Empire

Alexander the Great                       Imperial China

Inca Empire                                     Abbasid Empire

Roman Empire                                 Aztec Empire

Trading Empires of the Spanish, Portuguese & Dutch

Empire of Aksum                          Mughal Empire

Mongol Empire                              Napoleonic Empire

Byzantine Empire                          Third Reich

Holy Roman Empire                     Soviet Empire

Umayyad Empire                          A New World Empire

The reasons for the collapse are many & varied, and there are books & theories which you can lay your hands on, if you are particularly interested to know further. History has a way of repeating itself! We study history but never learning from it.

US has laid waste in many lands & never came out of them truly victorious. It has never learnt from its past disastrous experiences in Korea, Vietnam & Iraq. In Afghanistan, it is now pursuing a fruitless & draining war against an unseen enemy under the guise of freedom & democracy.

The United States, more than any other nations, maintains more foreign military installations spreading over a total of 140 countries around the world, including Asia, Europe and Africa with considerable concentration within the Middle East. It was such approach that prompted the Romans for greatness, establishing military presence and maintaining armed forces in the conquered lands.

In the wake of the present day global economic crisis, brought on by the Americans, political & economic analysts, academicians & writers are predicting the fall of the United States of America. This may seem laughable & unimaginable.

Most prominent among the forecasters is Russian Professor Igor Nikolaevich Panarin, political scientist, writer intelligent analyst, strategic & information warfare expert, the Dean of International Relations at Moscow’s prestigious Diplomatic Academy. His high-profile students have included parliamentary deputies, regional leaders, Kremlin officials and Foreign Ministry spokespeople.

Prof. Panarin Prof. Igor Panarin (30 Oct 1958)

Professor’s Apocalyptic Vision Of America lies in the disintegration of US into 6 blocs by the summer of 2010, as depicted in the map above, with Russia, Japan, China among others having a good piece of the cake.

Prof. Igor Panarin first came up with his grim forecast back in 1998 by analysing the parallels between the Soviet Union in its final years and the current situation in the US.

Like Mikhail Gorbachev, Obama is promising much

But the road of delivery is hitting the rough.

Then again,The highway of the upright avoids evil; he who guards his way guards his life. Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:17-18 (NIV).

Like Rome, US may well be destroyed from within.

Paul Chong

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


One thought on “Empires Rise Empires Fall (In Peace or In War)

  1. It’d be interesting to see if Prof Igor is right about his prediction . The cynic in me doubts it, as the summer of 2010 is just too soon for the scenario to play out. But who knows….

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