A Word On Dancing

A Word On Dancing


Out of Hollywood is a famous show called “Dirty Dancing”

and appropriately so, if you go by the definition of “Dancing” as:

. . . is the vertical expression of the horizontal desire.”

However, dancing can be elevated to such height of romantic delight when it comes to ballroom dancing, particularly the “tango”. Doing it can be most daunting for many & few often take on to the floor. Yet to a professional or one who is skilled, it so simple & grand . . . for you don’t tangle out, you just tango on!

No fear of making a slip

For Tango is so sleek

In the guiding arms of a pro

You’ll dance & grace the floor.

It takes two to express, vertically or horizontally, whatever the desire may be! When the vertical urge is on, it becomes a horizontal song!

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Paul Chong

A Chinese by Descent

An Australian by Consent