Kalamunda, Perth, WA – “A Home in the Forest”

By P Chong

Canning Road – Once Just A Dirt Track

Kalamunda is named from the Aboriginal words “cala” meaning home, and “munnda” meaning forest, thus Kalamunda means “a home in the forest

Up in Perth Hills perched this unique village that will consume your heart with many delights . . . shopping, eating, hiking, or arts & crafts, history & modernity, all of which will capture your hearts with new experiences.

Unique Sunday Farmers’ Market . . . First Saturday Monthly Market . . . MUST SEE!

KALAMUNDA, up in Perth Hills, among the trees

Where once the train zig-zagged up its way in spree Gumnut Fountain at Kalamunda Town Entrance

It used to be a health and holiday resort

With scattered stilted buildings of sorts.

Kalamunda of old had a post office and chemist

A closely-knit community with just one dentist

A doctor, two butchers, a guest house and a pub

Nothing buzzing like the present hub.

Canning Road was nothing but a narrow dirt track

With trees on both sides to spread

Today’s traffic come and go

That was never seen before.

The air was fresh, the trees were green

The atmosphere was certainly most serene

The Greenies then would have no complaint

There was nothing absolutely needed to be explained.

Present Kalamunda is one of changing scene

With new developments everywhere to be seen

Kalamunda Central appears so monstrous now

Striking out the rural setting of renown.

To grow to progress is to change

Kalamunda could never be the same

Generally changes are met with resistance

Time alone will render its assistance.

With the growth of facilities will bring

Hopefully a steady stream of beings

Population must increase, business will surely grow

Kalamunda can never be like before.

Stirk Park
TransPerth Kalamunda Bus Station

Sunday Farmers’ Market in Central Mall