The Romance of Don Quixote

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Earl Nightingale, renowned as the dean of motivation, once said, “We become what we think about”. Your inward grace is your outward grace & reversely also true.

What kind of story do you live? Heroic or cowardly? Do you have a sense of destiny or futility? What do you think is your destiny? The destiny of this Earth? Your fate? Do you look at life as a challenge? The story you tell yourself — the myth within which you live your life — strongly affects your feelings and the ultimate outcome of your life. It can change and it can change you!

You live by a story. Have you ever thought of it that way? Each of us has a story, and we are the main character in that story. Your life could probably be pieced together into a coherent story with which you live by even if you’ve never really thought about it yourself.

Man of La Mancha, a musical made in 1972, is based on the story Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. Its an entertaining story, but it’s also profound. You’ll find two two different persons in the same story having contrasting life outlook.

Don Quixote sees the world as a quest, as an adventure, and he sees a poor kitchen maid as a lady of unsurpassed beauty and chastity. He dreams the impossible dream, he fights the unbeatable foe, he looks at life as a challenge to do good in the face of evil and make the world a better place. He wants to dedicate his victories to the kitchen maid, his Lady.

She is bitter about life, full of anger.

Why do you do these things?” she asks him.

What things?”

She bursts out in frustration, “Its ridiculous, the things you do!”

He answers simply, “I come in a world of iron to make a world of gold.”

The worlds a dung heap,” she says, “and we are maggots that crawl on it.”

Blogosphere Vs “Emailsphere”

Blogosphere Vs “Emailsphere”


There’s that blogosphere, the world of weblogs for you.

Not sure if “emailsphere”

is an acceptable word for the electronic world. Nevertheless,

you know what I mean.

So there I was for the past 10 over years emailing away

until a friend recommended that:

”Since you’re so fond of writing & good at it, you should start blogging.”

Thus on 21 May 2009, my auspicious birthday, I made my plunge.

After several postings, I began to feel like retreating,

until a friend, Ean, in Singapore, whom I have not met in person,

encouraged me to go on. The rest as they say is history – if the word

applies for such a relative short time span of about three months.

At the time of my writing this, I have posted 106 variety of articles

& have reached a readership of well over 3,800.

A big welcome to you if you haven’t been there at my site!

For years I have been writing and I love it. I wanted to share this great love to the world by getting my manuscripts published, but it was all futile & vain. Rejection slips, though polite, are all that I received. I still have two unpublished poetry manuscripts and one on golf entitled “Swap Work . . . Play Golf” – essentially on the creativity of the game, its joy & frustration and the challenges that golf presents. I’ve got some successes getting articles published in the local papers & magazines including a self-published work on motivation “How To Have Motivation Unlimited”.

At Murdoch University, Perth where I spent one year in the graduate law program in 1995, I had to learn the use of the computer for the purpose of doing law assignments. So I did. From that point onwards, I was introduced to the electronic mailing world.

What a pleasure it was! Emailing is so fantastic, speedy, efficient & cheap. It’s miles ahead of “snail mail” which you have to go to the post office, purchase the stamp to post it. I guess that was how you lose track of your friends because it was such a tedious way of keeping in touch. Most people generally don’t like putting pen to paper. With emailing it’s so very convenient – the feel of the keyboard is different and with just one click you can reach a multitude of friends. In fact, there’s absolutely no excuse for people not keeping in touch with friends these days. No place is too far, no day is too short . . . the electronic world transcends both distances & time.

When told of getting into the blogosphere, I had then only fear! What would I know anything about blogging? The word itself was never in my dictionary, nor have I any connotation of its significance. Who would teach me or willing to? As it’s said, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

That was my initial reaction & really there’s nothing to fear except fear itself. I always believe in action rather reaction. To me, age is just a chronological number. To ward off any physical effects or defects, we have to actively & positively stimulate our mental ability & capacity. Be in it to benefit it.

In the beginning, I played around with “”, “” and even Google’s Blogger. However, I didn’t get much interaction, excitement nor satisfaction, until my sister Annie told me of “”. Ever since end of May this year, I have been electronically transferring all my thoughts & philosophy into this newly created blog of mine. A very warm welcome awaits you if you have not been there yet:

As I express, the Word presses on.

Therein I have all my messages in one place accessible by all globally. My blogosphere is my home where I store that which people can conveniently explore. Blogosphere is far more stimulating, inspiring, motivating & “sexciting” than the more traditional “emailsphere.” My blood runs to my brain & through all my veins! My perspective on life takes on a higher plane, rejuvenating life, generating sparks & fire! Life takes on a new meaning and puts you on a different level. Your boundaries are challenged beyond all limits. In sales, they would say “The sky’s the limit”.

Remember the time before Christopher Columbus when men thought that the world was flat. On the Eastern front, there was the Great Chinese naval adventurer, Zheng He. The much more publicised Columbus sailed to America in St. Maria (eighty-five feet) in 1492. Zheng He sailed from China to many places throughout South Pacific, Indian Ocean, Taiwan, Persian Gulf and distant Africa in seven epic voyages from 1405 to 1433, some 80 years before Columbus’s voyages. His 400ft. long ”treasure ship” was much larger than Columbus’s.

By the same token, “emailsphere” pails in significance when compared with blogosphere. To me, the crux of the matter is that I thoroughly enjoy being in a new sphere, making new friends on an international scale & enlarging my circle of friends globally. Not everybody, as usual, will interact with you, but those who do, I find them to be more genuine, sincere & interesting. They are taking the extra effort of interacting with you even as strangers. But a stranger is truly a friend you have not met.

In blogosphere, you are creating your treasure & asset digitally while creating new friends globally. It’s a world of virtual reality. There’s the prosperity transferable in posterity.

In this world, the question is not how many friends have you got – rather how many people are you a friend to?

Paul Chong

Wednesday, 26 August 2009 @ 4.28 am

A Chinese by Descent

An Australian by Consent

Quotable Quotes On The Wall

Quotable Quotes On The Wall

(The Thoughts of Paul Chong)

The right choice of words can engage the brain in gear

To bring to fruition the concept or the idea.


In the days of old without the luxury of modern day multi-media communication, all notices & information were plastered on the wall for public reading – particularly in ancient China. Information is a vital link between the state & the people and no less between individuals.

Chinese artists & calligraphers would also engage the medium of poetic sayings to display in their works. This sort of cultural display was and is rampant even today in the homes, schools, museums & just about anywhere. It is like decorating their walls with great ideas. Imagine a country with millions pursuing the same ideal.

Consciously or unconsciously, when I was running a delicatessen business in Kalamunda, Perth, Western Australia from 1984 to 1990, I plastered a lot of my poems & writings on my shop window. Apart from attracting many readers, they also caught the attention of the local press & I was dubbed the “Confucius of Kalamunda”.

The late Bob Duffield, journalist, author & lecturer, who penned a foreword to my little publication “How To Have Motivation Unlimited” was particularly impressed with my writings. Even more so, he was full of admiration on my principle for not selling cigarettes in my deli.

He wrote: “One day in October 1987. Paul’s medical student son, David, came home & said: ‘Dad, I know you don’t smoke, but you are catering for this health-destroying habit by selling tobacco to others. Doesn’t this put you in the position of a drug pedlar who, while not a user himself, makes an income out of selling the stuff?’”

Paul processed that through Ethical Motivation” he continued, “and promptly decided: ‘We will not sell smoke any more.” This was the poignant small-wall poster, among others, displayed in the shop window. Duffield ended his foreword with these words: “You can succeed without greed & win without sin.”

Those days I was using my old faithful ‘Olivetti Lettera 32’ typewriter from my University days. It’s a far cry from today’s modern technology and no comparison to my new 24” desktop Mac OS X which I received as a birthday gift from my three children. Yes, my greatest wish is to share my thoughts for posterity, hoping they would make a difference in the world we live in – “to succeed without greed and win without sin” in my new blog at:

Therein I have posted quite a few topics, and will from time to time post new ones. The main entries are:

  • Prosperity, Posterity & Proprietary

  • Inspiration Vs Perspiration

  • Tiananmen Square: Protestors’ Debacle

  • The 4 Alphabets of Economic recovery

  • The Japanese Dilemma

  • Aspire to Inspire . . . Before You Expire

  • Remembering Life’s Lessons

  • Women – Men’s Equal?

  • Order Prevails Or Chaos Assails

  • Western Democratic Imperialism

Added to the above topics: Quotable Quotes On The Wall

(From the Writings of Paul Chong:

His Profound Simple Truths, Thoughts and Philosophy)

I am a Chinese by Descent, an Australian by Consent.

Hard work will not a person kill, but sheer idleness will.

In the past loyal employees are appreciated but with changing times flexible workers are more treasured.

To grow to progress is to change, and it should not be hindered by inhibitions.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

From the womb to the tomb there’s but one room. It’s either heaven or hell where for all eternity you “yell”.

Inward grace outward grace. Inward disgrace outward ugly face.

Attitude is your fortitude for it’s attitude more than aptitude that scales the altitude.

Do something expect nothing. Rewards are there when you least care.

The minefields are ever present in self-pride, gross individualism and self-centeredness.

Today’s value system is greatly distorted and truths are often twisted.

Be courageous – live on your feet rather living on your knees.

The fairways are wide and the hole is big. Yet the dimpled ball has its way of making its own sway.

Christians should not hold grievance nor should they entertain preferences. Not just between their fellow believers, but more as an example to non believers.

Set right your vertical relationship with God before establishing any human horizontal kind.

It’s love at first sight, and more love to sustain all fight.

They are intended for your reading pleasure. Feel free to make your comments. Have your say . . . and let them stay. If they are any good to you, do share them. Forward and circulate them among your loved ones, friends & all your email contacts.

Thank You!

Paul Chong

Tuesday, 2 July 2009