By P Chong                                                                  Sunday 13 June 2010

The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved” ~ JOHN 21:20-23

John, you were meant to be gracious

So dear and loved by Jesus

You leaned on His bosom at the Last Supper

At the cross you stood steadfast and faithfully suffered

And the care of Jesus’ mother you were entrusted

First to believe in Jesus’ Resurrection

Also first to fix in the Lord’s recognition.

Before, like brother James, you were impetuous and fiery

As “sons of thunder” you were ugly

A fisherman from Galilee, you were son of Zebedee

Who was rich & prosperous with employees

Forsaking trade and riches

You chose to be with Jesus

And credited with the Fourth Gospel precious.

The sweetest sound to any man is his name

All the more sweeter if John is your name!