The Irony & Tyranny Of It All . . .

By Paul Chong / Friday, 7 November 2014


The 9/11 attack on the twin towers of the World Trade Centre, the mystery of which still hangs in the air. Believably, it’s a ploy & strategy for US justification to strike at others.

It’s moronic, insane & totally unthinkable for any country in the world to dare to invade or attack the US with all its war weapons & sophisticated military technology, nuclear power & capabilities, war ships & plane fighters, its fleet of aircraft carriers, its thousands of military bases covering the surface of the world. It would be suicidal & absolutely insane to say the least.

However, US is contradictorily telling the world that its national safety & security are being threatened. It’s driving itself like crazy to war with Russia, creating turmoil , chaos & instability just about everywhere. Its gutter level of propaganda is unimaginable.

President Obama, recipient of the Nobel Prize Award for Peace, has waged more wars than his predecessor Bush, besides constantly threatening wars on others. This is really ironic & laughable for he should be expected to promote peace rather than war. Shouldn’t his Nobel Prize be withdrawn?

There’s an old adage to make friends rather than enemies for even one enemy may turn out to be everywhere you turn. The Chinese are being wise extending peace & goodwill wherever they go – building, developing & sharing with other nations the prospect of prosperity. It’s clear to see the American are doing the reverse laying waste & destruction.

The American are indeed following the footstep of Islam, as invented by Prophet Mohammad, not as a religion of peace but as to justify his aggregation of worldly power & wealth.

If the American act as though all Muslims are evil, they run the risk of creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. There are well educated Muslims who generally are decent & peace-loving who deserve human respect & friendship.

Smile begets smile. Aggression begets aggression. That’s the natural law in operation. The same goes towards making friends or enemies.

I am no politician but like most observers will perceive, US is driving in all possible directions to provoke Russia to war over the question of Ukraine. Good thing that Russia has the good sense to remain cool & patient. Both countries have nuclear capabilities. Should there be a war, both will be annihilated.

China is not a hostile country. It certainly does not come near to compare with the might & power of US military. China quite easily is still 20 years behind the US in terms of military capabilities & technology. Given US technical assets, it will be a long way before China stands head over shoulder in this respect . . . unless China has had made some secret serious strides in the last few years.

What is there for US to fear except fear itself. Let’s hope US is not acting like a lame tiger in the jungle of survival, desperately pouncing & devouring on every animal big or small.

Heyday’s Gone, Doomsday’s Coming On!

By P Chong                             Sunday, 30 May 2010

Image: 2012 Doomsday Prophecies

In retrospect, when I first preached this message in 1993, the world’s problems were much less aggravating, but predictably indicating of worst things to come. How precisely true when we look at today’s chaos everywhere! Is there any nook & corner of the world that is not plagued with problems?

Someone once said, “Jerusalem is a golden basin full of scorpions.” Three major religions of the world, Christianity, Islam & Judaism all have a claim over this holiest of cities. Yet, unbelievably & ironically, all its holiness pales in significance when compared to all the religious & political killings & conflict since time memorial. So much violence, atrocities, grief, misery . . . where is love and peace as preached?

Logically, since there is but one God, there should be but one religion. But mankind through its ingenuity & human intelligence rationalised & justified by instituting a ramification of religions to suit its convenience & concept. Such is the nature of mankind. Just like a man that is born of a woman has but a short life to live with its fill of misery, what else is there to be said of man’s other institutions & artefacts? Man-made misery is rampant & widespread. No one continent is free from conflict & warfare. The question is, will it ever end?

Unlike civilisations of old, our present civilisation is materialistic in nature, breeding greed, discontent & all sorts of immoral objectives. The moral, philosophical, cultural & non-materialistic aspect of civilisation is overwhelmed largely by economic consideration. Capitalism captivates & transcends all levels of society & invades the hearts & minds of all without exception. There is no global territorial restriction as evidenced by the crumbled communist walls with their iron or bamboo curtains.

Nationalistically, power & world supremacy reign supreme. Individually, the same applies. Western civilisation started to flourish with the rapid organisation of church activities. Church leaders wield tremendous power & influence over the nation & its people. The best example being the Pope & the Vatican. The Pope is without doubt easily the most powerful figure in the world . . . his followers transcend all national boundaries.

Mankind may be Christian in name, but barbaric in deeds. It’s apparent everywhere. Like Prophet Mohammed who conquered with a sword in one hand & the Koran in the other, Popes of the previous era had conquered with sword in one hand & the Bible in the other. The calamities & atrocities arising out of wars are unforgivable.

The Asian crisis of the 90s was not confined just to the economic frontier, but with civil unrest in Indonesia & India testing out its nuclear might threatening its immediate neighbour of Pakistan, Asia & the world.

The present global financial crisis is even more threatening, coupled with wars raging all over. Over & above all these, natural disasters & catastrophe are more rampant & pronounced. Sovereign debt crisis bringing Eurozone to its knees. Could all these signal the coming of the end?

In the 90s, there was on TV of a Japanese sect claiming that the true Jesus Christ came to Japan. He married & lived to a ripe old age of 105 and was buried in Japan. The person that hung on the cross was in fact His own brother, who was mistaken to be Him. Jesus’ coming to Japan was His Second Coming. His first was when He was aged 21 when he learnt a great deal from the Shinto before going back to Israel to preach. Believe it?

You only have to look at the Australian society to be alarmed at the abominable happenings . . . church condoning homosexuality . . . allowing non-Christian to be minister . . . pastor welcoming Freemasons into their midst in Church & being struck dead upon sitting down . . . police, politicians, church people marching together with the Mardi Gras celebration . . . the list goes on & on. It’s inevitable we are heading towards the days of Sodom & Gomorrah. In Matthew 10:125, it is said: “I tell you the truth, it will be more bearable for Sodom & Gomorrah on the day of judgement than for . . .”.

The scenario in the United States of America, all too familiar, is far worst than the above . . .

When you look at today’s world . . . financial crisis, sovereign debt crisis, double-digit unemployment, wars & atrocities, natural disasters & calamities, human sufferings, social unrest . . . there is nothing positively right!

Are the final days upon us? Is mankind so blind as to be wiped out by the twin perils of Armageddon and a doomsday comet? Signs are everywhere of Jesus’ Second Coming and God will establish Heaven on Earth, creating a virtual paradise for true believers everywhere. The righteous will inherit life eternal in all its glories. Unless the unrighteous repent eternal condemnation is a certainty. Just like the days of old, as with the people of Sodom & Gomorrah unconcerned & believing not, the present generation of people will face judgement in a much more drastic way!

This is indeed food for thought . . . serious matter to be taken to heart, mind & soul. Our days on earth are naturally numbered as they are . . . what more with such swift & cataclysmic changes. In the present era of instant communication and super electronic highway, adverse happenings are instantly relayed on the small screen. Some of these present day happenings are really scary.

No more hearsay . . . more like near-say!

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Repent & be prepared for the Judgement Day is upon us. We would not be caught with “wine, women & song” in more atrocious ways than the days of Sodom & Gomorrah! The final crunch will affect us all globally!

God is gracious and forever faithful to His promises. His arms are wide open. Let Him receive us in the comfort of His arms. Amen.