Misery Feeds Into Creativity

Misery Feeds Into Creativity


Mythical Phoenix Rising Majestically From The Ashes

Talented people are in more ways than one peculiar in their behaviour and outlook. We may even consider them strange and difficult to understand, doing things out of the norm. Like all other human beings, they have their fair share of sorrow. In fact, they do appear to have it more abundantly than others do. Personal tragedies or otherwise, they suffer great disappointment, frustration and falling into depression, succumbed to drinks and drugs.

For all the fame and riches they may have, there is absolutely nothing, qualitatively or quantitatively, to be envied by others. Their lifestyle is like flashes of lightning with tremendous brightness shadowed by extreme darkness. One moment they are high up in the pedestal, next they are down in the dump, disappearing from public eyes or are confined to rehabilitation clinics and hospitalised for drugs and alcohol. Such is the nature and general trend of their lives whatever glamour and fame they may have. Broken marriages and family problems are their theme songs.

However, there are exceptions. Some are able to rise above their miseries, like the phoenix from the ashes, to sing and dance greater tunes. Some have the stamina and tenacity to stay on and intermittently making a comeback. Celebrities have a tremendous influence on the lives of their fans, changing lives through their music while undergoing changes themselves. One such singing celebrity is George Michael whose sensational life no doubt filled journalistic pages to capacity.

He, when intervied on Today Show, said something that reflect the creativity of all talented people: “Misery feeds into creativity.” We say when there’s a will there’s a way. I would emphatically say that if there’s a will there’s a way, provided it’s God’s way. Often self-realisation comes into play and something good always come out of the misery when touched by the angel and the hand of God . . . provided there’s a willingness to reach up and out. Many a great song and music were born out of misery . . . often superseding all previous numbers.

Each one of us is different, unique. We are all created in the image of God. We are God’s precious children. He loves us wherever we may have been, or whatever we may have done. When we ask how much He loves us, our Lord Jesus Christ stretched forth his hands and died for us on the cross. Our God is a creative God. Let His creativeness shines through in you.

Paul Chong

A Chinese by Descent

An Australian by Consent

The Enigma With Golf


Golf is said to be better than sex – more “sexiting”!  Why then so

segregated as compared with other sports? Why its popularity?


Two novice women golfers are out on the course one day. The first tees up her ball, swing, and watches as it takes off on a 90-degree angle. It flies about 20 yards, hits a rock, bounces off a cart path, hits a tree, careens off the tree and finally comes to rest in the middle of the fairway.

“Hey!” exclaims her friend, giving her a miffed look. “Why didn’t you tell me you’ve been practicing?”


Is this the scenario to explain why fewer women play golf than men? But then why do so many men play such a frustrating game? Could this be a cultural phenomenon – a past legacy of the alpha males playing at exclusive clubs? Tennis, a traditional country-club sport, however, is now being played by nearly as many women as men. With the availability of the abundant public courses in Australia, a trend should come round to see the number of woman players on the increase.

I guess such drama, no exception with men, makes up for golf as a less action-packed sport. Yet in a typical PGA Championship, the spectators that watch the game amounts to millions including those millions that watch it on television. Golf features no body contact, unlike Aussie football, and no car crashes nor cheerleaders . . . yet men are hooked with golf, making it the most segregated sport by sex than any other.

Frustration or incompetence never seems to deter guys from becoming obsessed with it. Golf is truly a “magnificent obsession”. It is claimed that golf is better than sex. A below par performance is considered good in golf as maintained by David Letterman in his Late Night Show’s Top Ten List. Best of all, if your equipment gets old and rusty, you can replace it.

According to the List, as an encouragement to seniors, you can still make money. Three times a day is even possible and your partner doesn’t hire a lawyer if you do it with someone else. If you live in Perth, as in Florida, you can do it every day – with the exceptional wet days.

I guess nothing sells like sex. With such truism, hefty prize money awards for both men and women, great television promotions drawing an increasing large captive audience, such affordability with the opening of abundant public golf course, and the fact that once hooked you’ll be hooked for life, I dare say no other game can be as popular as golf.

Enjoy it!

Paul Chong

An Avid Golfer