The Belt and Road Initiative 一 带 一 路


The Belt and Road Initiative
一 带 一 路
( . . . in respect of Singapore-China relationship)

20915111_1826554314027501_524815541242818085_n (1)Paul Chong                                                         Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Singapore-China ties have kept up with the times, though they have some differences in recent times. With vision & foresight, Singapore has long established economic ties with China.
The southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing is Singapore’s third government-to-government project with China, This is a $158 b investment project.Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) being the first economic interest followed by Tianjin as Singapore’s Eco-City project.

On Tuesday 19 September 2017, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang welcomed Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, as the two leaders seek to raise more bilateral ties to a new high. Singapore is now ready to jump on to the high-speed rail & seeking the many opportunities available with the Belt & Road Initiative, the Project of the Century.

Premier Li, who invited his counterpart to the three-day visit, emphasized that the two countries are good neighbors and the importance of developing China-Singapore relations.


Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong & Chinese President Xi Jinping

The two leaders decided to maintain the good momentum of the high-level exchanges between the two countries, and further cooperate at all levels on the Belt and Road Initiative.

More than 60 countries have now signed on to participate in the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI). It’s only the question of time when more will come on.

China, in reviving its ancient glory & supremacy, and having now surpassed US as the leading global economy, is reaching out to the world for mutual benefits in economic development.

US is also awakening to the sheer magnitude of development beyond man’s wildest dream. With the imminent visit of President Trump to China, we shall await the outcome. India & Japan might have their own reservations, but Australia should join in & participate fully in the Belt & Road Initiative.



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