“Thank You For Your Patience”

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By P Chong                                                                      Friday, 25 March 2011

I have had the most agonizing experience with one Internet Service Provider (ISP) appropriately called Spin and now it’s SpinTel – the new Company’s name after it expanded its business on a broad-base basis.

It’s a wonder how some companies keep on their growth despite their abhorred services. They say the first impression is the lasting impression. My bad experience with them takes on a never ending spree – for you can’t run away as you’re normally bound by the service contract. But enough is enough!

Spin is fond of just mentioning

Thank you for your patience”

It’s its Grace.

Let me just relate to you my most unforgettable encounter with Spin yesterday. I have had similar experiences with them in the past few months and I should have taken steps to announce it publicly to prevent others from becoming victims. My dispute with Spin is now in the hands of the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman over a host of issues since the very first day in May 2010 – the start of my newly acquired ISP. As a matter of principle, we shall let the authority act in good faith & say no more of it.


As I am writing now, having spent countless hours on the computer, reading & answering my emails, updating my blog & writing new articles . . . my ever faithful desktop iMac has recorded “line drop” at least half a dozen times. This irritating & annoying interruption of line connection usually happened when you are in the midst of a chat, or uploading or downloading materials. It’s absolutely frustrating and a real waste of time.

Only today, the sales consultant told me that they could send me an antennae to help boost reception & prevent future breakdown. But why have they taken so long to let me know this? This wireless broadband service is more cumbersome than desired.

Getting cut-off in the midst of things is nothing to compare with my attempts in reconnecting. The pop-up windows will indicate a variety of unrelated reasons attributing to the settings since I have not done anything in my system preferences to warrant the breakdown or cut-off.

When you call for technical support, which horribly does not cover 24/7 basis, you are often faced with the dilemma outside the restrictive hours of call service.

The call on the line 1300 303 375 is not free, and if you are like me, calling on your mobile phone, it can get to be pretty expensive because of long delays. While you are on the phone, commercials will fill your ear, and often repeated will be their famous appeal: “Thank You For Your Patience”. Yes, patience indeed . . . a patience that turns & churns your stomach, a patience that shoots up your blood pressure . . . a patience that wants to make you cry “Enough is enough”.

My whole afternoon, evening and night were wasted . . . hopelessly waiting for that reconnection to come through. I gaze at the computer and soon the computer will be gazing back at me . . . for I’ll be snoozing . . .

It could take half an hour to get reconnection if you are lucky. But like today, it has taken forever! Wireless Broadband is such a nuisance – not steady, stable & reliable!

How not to be in aspin”? I could have “spun” all night!

If you don’t know how to “spin”, join “Spin”

You’ll soon learn to be an expert on “spin”.

We are not “statistical” number

We are fresh & blood for you to remember!

Internet Connect

Could not negotiate a connection with the remote PPP server.

Please verify your setting and try again.”


So, it is another fruitless day & night with Spin!



One thought on ““Thank You For Your Patience”

  1. Mui Lan

    Hi Paul
    I fully comprehend your dismay. Perhaps we do need the NBN initiated by the Guillard government :). BTW, is this the new ISP that has resulted in you having to change your email address. I do enjoy your little snippets. they are informative and arousing. Continue to contribute to your Blog, they are indeed worth reading.

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